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Also, if you're interested in mature stuff, like pregnancy, nudes etc. ... ... ... Go and visit my mature account, adult Magnezone. :iconadultmagnezone:


I slap you here, I slap you there, I slappy, slap you out everywhere!
Cuz Imma muddafuckin Maggy!
And mah name is Kelly! Kelly Kleece Treinty Weird the only female zone ever!
Taste my hands, b*tches! And taste my li'l cute Magne-tail!

A box of my new Magne-cereals makes you big, strong and beautiful! Bonus! Iron and magnets in every boxes!



oOoc-Zone has started a donation pool!
703 / 1,200

Ja, das ist richting! Ich bin ein Magnezone, wo ihre Punkte für Remixe braucht.
Nee! Ehrlich gesagt, würde ich gerne eine Giveaway starten.
Also, für alle, die gerne spenden, bitte werft hier eure Punkte ein.

How cute, a Piplup!
Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!

Salut, zämme.
Ich hon vom Choleg so e pille übercho...
Jo, ihr kenned de rescht jo scho. lol

Oh, oh, oh, I found a pretty guy!
Look at my new glasses and how pretty my bewbtz are!
Come here and kiss me, else I'll have to take you XD

Oops, fail time!

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Kelly the Weedezone
Artist | Student | Varied
About Magnezone-me:

Status: Taken Mood: Improving into positive Feeling: Fragile

A mean, cold-hearted, negative thinking (were-)Magnezone, with a lot of temperament and a sad attitude

I'm destroying a traffic light, wanna join me? XD

My rules

After I read a lot of the deviant's rules, I decided to make rules too.

[Put this sign on your
channel if you role-play!]

But I can't accept everything for a RP, so please read before you start.: RP-rules, tips, what I'm going to do (Update 6)Before you or I start to RP, make sure, that I'll link you to this journal:
I like role playing very much, but since I did, it probably also has some problems with them.
I just decide to make some rules and tips.
So, I'm very picky for the most people.
Which characters will you accept and how many?
I only role-play with characters, which belong to you and if I know, how he or she looks like. So please link me to your character, which your drew or requested by your friend. If you like a character, which belongs to a game or a TV-show and you want to role-play with me and this one, you first have to draw it. (Edited) screenshots will not be accepted, when you show me one. Be sure, that your character has some more informations, else you must make some informations with some notice in brackets, like this: (Ps, my character Occas has kinda an emotional "clip", when you talk about the past)
Else, the informations can also be mentioned, when th

And follow some from here:

I only RP with a proper and correct English grammar, so watch your language and the mistakes, before you send it out.

:iconshareplz: I also saw some of my pictures out of DA and I am really thankful to all, but there's one please: Credit me, if you like my painted pictures. Sharing is always allowed.

Trolling? You get warned for blocking
More in the journal: new-born-magnezone.deviantart.…

If you regret every stupid comments, questions, etc. and you wan't to be unblocked, then search me on this list: :below:

Give me a note, if you want to know my contacts.

Voltz love icon by oOoc-Zone+Laila love icon by oOoc-Zone=Elira icon by oOoc-Zone

Stamps ahoi!

Magnezone Stamp by Oreobytes462 Magnezone by YukinoTenshi23Magnezone Stamp by ShadowSTR12081 - Magnemite by MarlenesstampsI Support Corn Cat Omnomnoming by crystal-kyogreSchool teachers by prosaixN STAMP by Heart-StampAmerican Dad stamp by Oatzy:thumb199275527:School teachers by prosaixSTAMP Kasane Teto by The-Last-Fallen-AngeSpongeblah by Fyi-Susmantis lover STAMP by SheilaBrinsonCatwa Stamp by Baka-Monkey:thumb56761558:Kitten Stamp by Gin-NoJustin Bieber Stamp by anastasia-blackFemale male-only pokemon. by Monster-BoarStamp: Block Abusers by Cpr-CovetCAPS LOCK RAEG by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeSaliva stamp by sixthkidfromthestarzCatwa and a Sink by Baka-MonkeyStamp - Don't U liek it? by Britazzy:thumb365322213:Period Stamp by Fyi-SusNot always immature by World-Hero21Homosexuals are not the same as Pedophiles by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeYou're not fat, ugly, or dumb by thundybearAnother Catwa Stamp by Baka-MonkeyPulseman Stamp by TamadragonStamp: In My Defense by RottedStampsAnti-Blocking Stamp by In-The-ZoneHighly Opinionated Stamp by In-The-ZoneBlocking for no reason is pathetic. by The-Legend-Of-BuraiStamp: Submit what You Want by DepsychoChristian anime - manga stamp by SailorSolarREPLY ALREADY Stamp by IrkenZarGuess again you hilarious idiots. by The-Legend-Of-BuraiImagination rainbow :p by SupremeSonrioBlaming video games because that's LOGIC. by The-Legend-Of-BuraiGallery Intruder Stamp 1 by Yoshi-chuBeing older stamp by KirikoSoulI wish... by prosaixyaoi stamp by Wing-shadowStop bullying stamp by frootzaNo means NO! by oOoc-ZoneStamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317Bowser Stamp by TheBowserClubHoneybuun1018 by cuteblackflowerReply by Stampedes:thumb187766423::thumb255617568:MY Artwork, MY Gallery. by Ashy666:thumb190408518:Electronic Dance Music stamp by TheBourgymanAnti-Blocking Stamp by jocund-slumber:thumb159630668:Anti-rape stamp by Maran-ZeldeNote me stamp by Joyfool:thumb374768116:lol by PrincessFlawCorrect grammar stamp. by frohman2Truth - dedicated to pussies by black-cat16-stampsLegal by N63Stamp: PUSSIES by Riza-Izumialways reply stamp by izka197New Kids Stamp by Shini-SmurfReply Button by AlisaChristopherPlease, Think of the Fella by jocund-slumberTogepi crying by L3xil3inSouth Park by sequelleSPORE : ADDICT Stamp by Ciaran-NashI Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatteRequests by AquaQueen27:thumb382719067:Male female-only pokemon. by Monster-BoarOwn Style Stamp by HyperactiveMothManIt's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008Blocking Hypocrites are funny by xXShivaChanXxWe have tecnology... by Shiro-RedfieldStop whining by Ramen27:thumb199969616:My Rules Stamp by satanspawn80pluto:STAMP: by XxdarknayruxXMy Memory Sucks by renatalmarMario's Answer by Mariofan9.:Dirty Mind Stamp:. by VitenFruit Series: Watermelon by ladieofficalBed Intruder Stamp by Bahamut20Bird is the Word by XxXIceJetXxXCookie Stamp by fear-the-brillianceHe'll never get that Pie by ginacartoonStamp: End Child Marriage by 8manderz8Disney Cogsworth + Lumiere Stamp by TwilightProwlerLavender Town Stamp by FENNEKlNSOpen your Mind Stamp by quazoMLP. by StellarChibiYou Don't Rule Me by OwlinAMinorNot MLP Fan Stamp by ShadowXEyenoomStop! by oOoc-Zone69 Stamp by WolvenFlamesBawww Her Colors R Terible!!!!1111 by JaniceTheFurryYES, I WATCH PORN - stamp by arisu-in-wonderlandPokemon Mystery Dungeon Stamp by aquaharp:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designInstagram Art Theft by Lost-in-Equestria:thumb368082252:I  Hate My Little Pony. by LainaofthesandLOLStupid Block Reason #5: UR OPINION IS HORRIBLE. by World-Hero21Stupid Block Reason #4: I DUN NEED UR HELP. by World-Hero21Haters gon' hate. by Monster-BoarLonely-Stamp by Dinoclaws:thumb287363061:Stupid Block Reason #3: HOW DARE U FAV by World-Hero21Stupid Block Reason #6 (Last one for now) by World-Hero21There are some people I will never forgive. by The-Legend-Of-BuraiStamp commission: Sick fuck! by The-Legend-Of-BuraiStupid Block Reason #1: SORRY FOR HELPING YOU. by World-Hero21Stupid Block Reason #2: BAWWW U LIEK THAT? by World-Hero21You could at least say thanks - Stamp by KirikoSoulHomer Simpson Stamp by crazylaura64Mary-Sues stamp by FluffyFerret97WARNING ANTI BIBER ZONE by slacker482Ignoring Friends Isn't Cool by In-The-ZoneLay some Truth Onto Dem Sexual/Fanatic Bones by endlerAnti-Pony Worship Stamp by NatThePopcornFairyBitch by LilithiumStampsIch spreche deutsch! by Kristo1594Skype by plztikphishphoodEverybody can join in if it's public. by World-Hero21I'm not a smarty-pants, I know. by World-Hero21Squidward's Nose Stamp by Nironan12Hateful trend but funny by TrashyTrashcanHoney Butthurt stamp by RainbowMint909 <-- I'll keep these both stamps here, because she's stalking my page

My friends list! Friends who always get Magnezone-kisses, ZZZT!!!


:iconstarveewolf: My li'l zuper Eevee!
:iconmughalrox: Mag-knight!
:icontattertotminion: Rose-guard :D
:iconcubietewelart: Future friend

:iconmagnezoneplz::iconsaysplz: I need more friends lol And seriously, leave them alone it you're a troll! If I find out, that you're trolling me or my friends on their profile, I will magne-zzzap u! ZZZT, ZZZT, ZZZT ZZZT, ZZZT, ZZZT!!!

Magnezone-FAQ time:

Q: Do you do requests?

A: Here's a status, for those, who wont read.

:iconemotileftopen::iconrequestsask: For colored requests or for people, who wants another one --->:iconrequestfriendsonly::icontradesopen::icongiftsfriendsonly::iconpointcommissionsopen::iconcommissionsclosed::iconemotirightopen:

A: Magnezone-Me: Read my journal here: Dear users... (Update 6, I lost the count)I'm always ready for requests, art trades, gifts and bonus arts but read first.
I like it being generous and doing requests but please don't ask too much, it makes me feel stressed and getting tired. You can ask me for more, if I get finished with my request. Just don't let me draw gross things. And I'm really just drawing OCs, creatures(animals, Pokemon, etc.) and even males. If you always ask me your art will be cancelled. And don't make me draw everything exactly! I'm not a drawing slave!
*The "weekly request" for people, who ask twice:
It has also some people around dA, who asks again and again, so I decided to do an extra request rule. The weekly request is a kind of request, which allows to ask me for a request. Every week one request, to be shorter. 
**The "one-month-Request" for people who ask a lot and every day:
I felt sometimes very used and it bother me. I'm making for people the one-month-Request. If you don't wai

Q: What is your favorite Pokemon?

A: Magnezone-Me: It's always Magnezone! Because I love Magnezone, I am a Magnezone and I have group for our fans.

Q: Who is your main character:

A: Magnezone-Me: Look on my profile-ID. There's a Magnezone-girl with black hair, brown eyes, black lips and holding a pencil on the pic.

Q: Are you the most popular person in your class?

A: Magnezone-Me: No, I am the most feared person in my class.

Q: What is your favorite kind of music?

A: Magnezone-Me: This stamp can answer your question. Electronic Dance Music stamp by TheBourgyman XD

Q: Do you have any idols?

A: Magnezone-Me: lol, it's Antares (Not the star :icondoublefacepalmplz:). Favorite trance remixer! His music remixes are awesome and cute! Rise against is also good and many german rappers ^^

Q: What do you think about too serious people?

A: Magnezone-Me: When they are only serious and not nagging on my comment, then they are ok. But when they try to search the right things and always comment like "How is this possible" or "What does it have to be?" Then, here's my reply to them!:

"Don't try always to search the senses on my description and my picture! Learn to know the phantasy, the creativity and the fun, before you comment. Deal with the answers. Think about that, what you're writing in your comment. And also this is important.

Seriousness destroys the creativity and the wonder of our pictures. So be creative and read before a comment leaves the preview. ~ Thank you" ... In other words... Get the fuck over with a single answer, I'm not your FAQ-mailbox!

Q: Why do you like replies?

A: Because I am generous enough to reply to everyone's comments, even if they're rude. So be nice enough, to say please, thanks and to reply back. Because I always reply too.

Q: What if you have unfriendly people on board?

A: People are unfriendly to me? Unfriendly people make me sad. They're ignorant and mean to everyone. I hope, they can change theirselves. If not? Then I hope, they will be sent to the satan! Acid or fire, they should burn down, until they regret their words.

Q: What shows your feelings?

A: Webcam's pic: *destroying a traffic light*

Now go and listen to my favorite Soundtracks above. You Goa-remixer are totally awesome! Peace to all!

My iPod 5 wont react, when I touch the home and lock button.
And the computer doesn't show my device.
What's wrong D:
  • Mood: Shocked


Adriatic a cursed ship by MonsterKitty180
by MonsterKitty180

You still wont read DeviantArt is a site for artists, not for hosting pictures from other sites, it's against the rules. This picture ...

RMS Lancastria by MonsterKitty180
by MonsterKitty180

A probably one underaged art thief You really, don't follow any rules of DA, do you? And this ship is not a taken phote or a drawn art!...

AdCast - Ads from the Community



Musics to YouTube and remixes
All music will be automatically loaded to YouTube on my account.
You have the permission to download it, as long as you ask the customer, who commissioned me.
Else, you only have to credit me.


No Preview
Powerpoint art
Donald duck lol by oOoc-Zone
Still practicing for.

No nude pictures.
For nude pictures, please ask me on my mature account, AdultMagnezone
Icons, not animated
Sassy icon by oOoc-Zone
Free water star icon by oOoc-Zone
Point commission: Not animated icons
Icons, animated
Free octopus icon by oOoc-Zone
Free 'dreaming' Magnezone icon by oOoc-Zone
Free water leaf icon by oOoc-Zone
Point commission: Moving icons
Traditional color, simple
No, that couldn't be... by oOoc-Zone
Kululu's right hand by oOoc-Zone
Point commissions: Traditional, simple colored

No nude pictures.
For nude pictures, please ask me on my mature account, AdultMagnezone
Traditional coloring, detailed
What's that? by oOoc-Zone
Earl the little dancer by oOoc-Zone
Point commissions: Traditional coloring, detailed

No nude pictures.
For nude pictures, please ask me on my mature account, AdultMagnezone
Simple animations
Just started to commission one.
Also, there will be no interactive things.
Digital coloring, simple
The Christmas gift Baby Jack by oOoc-Zone
Stress way by oOoc-Zone
Point commissions: Digital coloring, simple

No nude pictures.
For nude pictures, please ask me on my mature account, AdultMagnezone
Digital coloring, detailed
Dengue Jones by oOoc-Zone
The little helper cell by oOoc-Zone
Point commissions: Digital coloring, detailed

No nude pictures.
For nude pictures, please ask me on my mature account, AdultMagnezone


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