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Also, if you're interested in mature stuff, like pregnancy, nudes etc. ... ... ... Go and visit my mature account, adult Magnezone. :iconadultmagnezone:


I slap you here, I slap you there, I slappy, slap you out everywhere!
Cuz Imma muddafuckin Maggy!
And mah name is Kelly! Kelly Kleece Treinty Weird the only female zone ever!
Taste my hands, b*tches! And taste my li'l cute Magne-tail!

A box of my new Magne-cereals makes you big, strong and beautiful! Bonus! Iron and magnets in every boxes!


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Artist | Student | Varied

A stubborn and busy Magnezone

I am not an artist, this means all:

All my works don't follow any schedules or standards by controlling quality.
I don't adapt any works to any desires and needs of my viewers, don't ask.
I don't accept any critique, if the user does not write any words or any sentences properly and understandabe enough.
This website is my personal world, all my purposes here are to have fun, to improve myself and to avoid violating the rules.
I make gifts for my closest friends and for people, who earned my trust.

Rules: If you've been blocked and you don't have any ideas why, check out this journal entry:…
Thanks to SavvyRed for writing this

I recently got a note from a person telling me that the deviantART member 
MrFarts has been trying to get online sexual favors from underage girls.  He often offers deviantART points in exchange for nude pictures or unclothed Skype sessions.

Please be aware this is not a joke, and it is illegal in the US and many other countries.  There have been a lot of people in deviantART trying very hard to make sure he has no more victims.  The police have been involved, and hopefully they will be able to prosecute him.  For now though, just be aware that if you identify as female and are under the age of 18, you should avoid this man.  Don't go on Skype, don't negotiate any paid commission offers from him.  He is just trying to lure innocent victims.

This is very personal to me because I was an underage sexual assault victim and was sexually harassed every day throughout high school and middle school.  I hope you all understand that it is a serious matter and not a witch hunt.  People on the Internet are not just avatars and text on the screen.  There are many young girls out there who fall prey to people like MRfarts.

This is the message that was sent to me:

Hello DA Group/Organization/User,
Recently around DeviantArt there is a user going around making girls strip on camera in order to get points. My friends and I are informing all of the groups that this guy is in to warn them about his pedo nature. The user that I am talking about is MrFarts (:iconmrfarts:). He has contacted many girls in the past and told them that he would give them points if they would show themselves on camera in Skype. A few of these girls have questioned his motives and after some searches and informing the FBI about his actions we have concluded that he has done this to a number of girls in the past. Please inform your members and friends about the dangers of people like MrFarts.

This user is now using the method of claiming that since he is going to be an admin soon and has a bunch of followers then the rules of the internet don't apply to him. If you need proof then please take a look at these links of a few DA users banning together to protect innocent victoms from people like MrFarts. 


Please inform your other fellow group members about the dangers that lurk out there on the internet. Thank you so much for your time
Btw, don't ever try to make me change to that guy's side, heard me?!
  • Mood: Shocked

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Musics to YouTube and remixes
All music will be automatically loaded to YouTube on my account.
You have the permission to download it, as long as you ask the customer, who commissioned me.
Else, you only have to credit me.


No Preview
Powerpoint art
Donald duck lol by oOoc-Zone
Still practicing for.

No nude pictures.
For nude pictures, please ask me on my mature account, AdultMagnezone
Icons, not animated
Sassy icon by oOoc-Zone
Free water star icon by oOoc-Zone
Point commission: Not animated icons
Icons, animated
Free octopus icon by oOoc-Zone
Free 'dreaming' Magnezone icon by oOoc-Zone
Free water leaf icon by oOoc-Zone
Point commission: Moving icons
Traditional color, simple
No, that couldn't be... by oOoc-Zone
Kululu's right hand by oOoc-Zone
Point commissions: Traditional, simple colored

No nude pictures.
For nude pictures, please ask me on my mature account, AdultMagnezone
Traditional coloring, detailed
What's that? by oOoc-Zone
Earl the little dancer by oOoc-Zone
Point commissions: Traditional coloring, detailed

No nude pictures.
For nude pictures, please ask me on my mature account, AdultMagnezone
Simple animations
Just started to commission one.
Also, there will be no interactive things.
Digital coloring, simple
The Christmas gift Baby Jack by oOoc-Zone
Stress way by oOoc-Zone
Point commissions: Digital coloring, simple

No nude pictures.
For nude pictures, please ask me on my mature account, AdultMagnezone
Digital coloring, detailed
Dengue Jones by oOoc-Zone
The little helper cell by oOoc-Zone
Point commissions: Digital coloring, detailed

No nude pictures.
For nude pictures, please ask me on my mature account, AdultMagnezone


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